“imagination is the highest form of research.”
Albert Einstein

Visualization is one of the most important and sophisticated abilities of your brain, that is forming a mental image of anything or any experience. Your brain is capable of visualizing existing and non-existing realities. When you also start to imagine, you are using most parts of your brain, working in harmony to be able to visualize more vividly.

Numerous scientific studies show us again and again that the body does not know the difference between the real and the imagened. So, when the mind imagines an experience, the body lives it as if it is real and reacts accordingly. Visualization is the first step for mental imagery, and is a mental process where 5 senses are involved. Visualization and imagery are all taught around the world to better focus, memorize, and embody any practice to better perform. You could be a musician, an athlete or even a mathematician; every profession needs visualization as a skill to be able to plan, perform, and see the end result. The work done across different disciplines and fields of study is arriving at a similar conclusion, ‘that imagery plays a functional role in all cognitive events’ (Pearson et al., 2015, p.600).

In addition to performing better, visualization and imagery is taught as a part of a curriculum for musicians and athletes. For example, if you imagine that you are playing piano; the network of neurons that have been activated during rehearsal undergo the same activation during actual play. So the same nerves signal the muscles as if the body is practicing the real action. Scientific studies have shown that the way the muscles flexed, how much they enlarged, which new neuron connections formed, and how they function are the same. The mind doesn’t know the difference between mind rehearsal and actual practice. *(https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0926641004000023)

Visualization is also used for health in specialized clinics around the world, allowing patients to visualize certain kinds of treatments rather than actually receiving them. How can that be even possible? Think of a lemon right now. A juicy lemon…but think of it vividly….visualize it…. Does your mouth create saliva? Yes. The procedure works more or less like this for your body, even for healing. You will find numerous practices in the Health Section in the Visutate App that demonstrate this concept.

Also, when you start to visualize, something else starts to occur in life: Manifestation. This is in addition to improving your skills.

By now you know that the brain cannot tell the difference between the real and the imagined. Why is that so? The explanation comes from the Triune Brain Theory proposed by the American physician and neuroscientist Paul D. MacLean. MacLean explains that we have three parts of our brain, which all have different functions and reasons for their evolution.

The oldest part of the brain is called “The Reptilian Brain”, known as the part that is responsible for every vital organ and action in the body. This brain controls all the functions of organs, systems and breathing etc. It is the part that keeps you alive. So it is also responsible for your physical reactions to any threat coming from inside and outside of you, to keep you alive.

The second part is called “Mammalian Brain,” which evolved with mammals. It is responsible for the chemical reactions of your body. The hormones in your body are the chemicals that cause your emotions.

The third part is the “Neocortex -the new brain”, which is the part responsible for motor abilities and all other sophisticated abilities of human beings, such as thinking, speaking, imagining, and planning,.

So a lower part of your brain, The Reptilian and Mammalian Brains are responsible for the reactions of your body that don’t understand language. They don’t understand any abstract thoughts or ideas, only hard reality. Any abstract information is translated to a hard reality by lower-brains and executed as a reaction. They have 5 senses to receive data to evaluate for survival. So when you imagine something that involves your senses as if it is real, then it is perceived as real for your lower-brains, and then embodied. This function may trigger ideal or less than ideal outcomes.

Let’s suppose you are speaking with a friend right now about a fight you had yesterday. The moment you are telling the story by remembering the scene, visualizing it, and getting into emotions, makes this event a reality right now for your lower-brains, even though you are consciously aware that the fight is over. When you give the lower-brains mixed messages via remembered feelings , thoughts and bodily reactions, you therefore create or reenact them. The lower-brain then relives the moment as a current reality and reacts accordingly. You may start to feel your heart beat hasten, , begin sweating, become angry, and more.

But why don't you use this mechanism for your own good by imagining the life that you want, and that has the very real possibility of becoming a hard reality for your body!

The big secret of manifestation is actually very simple; the reality you are creating is always manifesting. You are actually manifesting constantly whether you are actively conscious of it or not. This is happening through the active neural pathways you already have. If you are not happy with your current reality, then why don’t you change it through visualizing exactly what you want to manifest? You can make it a hard reality through your lower brains. If the thoughts are the language of the upper-brain, then emotions are the language of the lower brain and the body . ←- I feel like this sentence is really good info to share, but not sure how it fits into the paragraph. Maybe it needs its own paragraph to explain it, or be placed in another section of the FAQs.

How much of the imagined experience is real, that much emotions are triggered and the body takes actions that didn’t take before and so achieve successes that could not be achieved. ←I’m not sure how to rewrite this sentence, but it seems like it would benefit from a reframe You may reprogram your lower-brain by exposing yourself to an experience where the outcome has already happened. The Visutate App will help you through the process by using techniques like meditation and Augmented Reality.

Meditation is a consciousness enhancing technique. By practicing meditation, you will discover your ways of being and experience a deepened awareness of what is going on around you, as well as understand your feelings and thoughts. Thus, you increase your awareness and leads to a more conscious and intentional life. Your upper brain turns to your lower brain and learns to observe it ← (and vice versa, no?).

When you get to know yourself and your environment better, you will discover the resources that support you in life, sleep better, enjoy life more, face difficult situations with a calmer attitude and find balance in your relationships. It also becomes easier for you to manage emotions such as stress and anxiety.

Visutate is a form of active meditation through visualization using augmented reality with the aim of manifestation. While visutating, you are actively learning visualization, looking at the images created by augmented reality, and listening to guided meditations. The brain can therefore be fed with augmented reality experiences as if it is reality, and learn how to visualize. This process creates the right environment for the brain to believe what it perceives. This is a crucial step for manifesting anything in life.

With Visutate, you can change your environment the way you desire and gain new experiences thanks to the augmented reality technology. With the experiences you create, you can work on improving your mental abilities such as focusing, creativity, visualization, staying in the moment, and so on. Then you can apply these skills with THE PRACTICE PROGRAM to improve the major areas of your life such as body, mind, soul, relationships, and lifestyle and manifest whatever you decide. With constantly updated content, Visutate is the ultimate tool for visualization, manifestation and meditation!

Visutate transforms your mind so that you can practice and sharpen your mental skills to create your dream life within the app in a shorter time. The brain forms new neural pathways as it’s being exposed to a new interactive environment, experiencing a different reality first-hand.. Visutate uses this very technology for the sake of learning to visualize, which then becomes a shortcut for the brain.

With Visutate, you can bring your dream environments with you wherever you are and go on unique inner journeys. Visutate is designed to give you different experiences. You can explore, transform, and have fun while using Visutate.

You can immerse yourself in beautiful surroundings by moving your camera around your environment 360 degrees. As you expose your brain to these specially-curated images, you are quickly teaching it how to visualize with the help of guided meditations.

The Foundation Of Visutate is an 8-stage program where you learn the steps to enhance your mind. Each stage highlights an ability you will master during the week.

Your nervous system evolves by learning new things, which happens when knowledge is created by new neurons. This is known as neurogenesis. It also evolves to by creating new neural connections. This is known as neuroplasticity. These processes occur within as early as 72 hours of practicing with enough repetition. This means that in order to master any ability you need to repeat it as much as you can for at least a week. So if you want VIsutate to work well for you, you need to give your brain some time to get used to the concept and integrate it into your life.

The Foundation Program enhances the brain's capacity in 8 highly-important areas of focus to be successful in visualization and life. Each of them need to be repeated at least once a week or more as needed to fully embody it.

1.Focus: The Visutate experiences are carefully created to teach you how to focus, remain focused, and expand your focus. These three steps are crucial to learn visualization, enhance attentiveness, and improve goal-setting and life activities.

Thanks to Visutate’s marvelously-created environments, you will be able to take consistent micro steps without frustration or overwhelm. You will be supported by accompanying guided meditations like Session 1 “Focused Attention” and Session 2 “Open Awareness”. 3D models are also curated for your Visutate experiences to address your reptilian and mammalian brains, inviting you to experience to a child-like joy, simpleness, beauty, and serenity. These 3D models also create a timeless patience and joy within, calling upon playfulvisions and dreams unconsciously. It gives the brain the immediate shortcut to the possibility of a dreamworld, hence a heavenly contentment. These emotions are needed to open the brain in order to learn new things and create from a feeling of security . These 3D models are easy to focus on with their shapes, colors and movements. You will be able to learn to focus with increasingly attentive meditations and tasks that you can also find in the Visutate app.

2.Visualization: After learning to remain focused, it is time to learn to visualize. The methods you will learn in Visutate during Session 3 and Session 4 will allow you to get used to visualizing step by step, so that learning to visualize your dream life slowly and easily will not make you frustrated. The brain that learns from these Augmented Reality environments will be able to visualize even when not using the app. The short Visutate experiences are designed to invite you to a safe space where you can experience visualization from different angles. You will begin to understand what visualization is and how you can harness the experience.

The games and tasks in the app will also compel you to stay with the 3D models so that your brain memorizes them in detail to support visualizations later. All foundation programs are designed to teach you to apply these abilities to your life. So for example, when you memorize the 3D models visually, you will be able to apply them to your health visualizations later.

3. Meditation: After learning to visualize effectively, it is time to learn to meditate during the third week of the Foundation Program. The Session 5 and Session 6 audios will allow you to deeply understand and experience what meditation actually is at this stage. After learning to FOCUS on your VISUALIZATIONS, it is time to learn a method to put these abilities together.

Meditation is a consciousness-changing method where you are placing yourself in a state of awareness regarding what is happening right here right now. You’re witnessing yourself and your experience of your reality. So observing yourself and your environment will be the main teaching. Learning this ability will teach you to be aware of your surroundings while you focus on your visualization.

Thanks to Visutate experiences you will also learn that it is possible to meditate with your eyes open. Buddhist monks meditate on the (I’m not 100% sure but this word may be attributed to Hinduism, may want to double check this prior to publishing → ) yantras- the geometric representations of the cosmos- for thousands of years. Krishnamurti says “You do not make meditation, it is a state of being”. So Visutate teaches you with micro steps to be in a meditative state while visualizing.

4. Mindfulness: It is crucial to learn to be mindful of your thoughts , your emotions, your body and your environment while you are visualizing, to perform better or to manifest your dreams. Your mind will come along while you are focusing, visualizing or meditating. So you need to learn how to deal with thoughts and emotions, sensations in the body, and how you are experiencing the moment, which you will experience in Session 7 and Session 8. Being able to observe what is happening during your visualization will help you to be successful in your visualization and will expand your ability to control every day stressors.

5. Let go: In completing week 5, you will have enhanced mindfulness of the thoughts and emotions that have come up during your meditations and visualizations while being focused on your goals and performance. You will also learn how to let go of your thoughts, emotions, and sensations in order to open up your space to visualize successfully. Once that happens, you will be mindful of your thoughts and emotions via those simple learned steps.

Learning to let go is also a practical way to live a successful life! Once you learn how to let go of frustrating, worrying, fearful thoughts, emotions and sensations a free, successful, happy and healthy life will be waiting for you.

During Sessions 9 and 10, you also will learn how to let obstacles go to be able to focus on what you want!

Everywhere “experts” tell you that “you need to focus on your desired outcome”. But it seems that they never tell you how or what obstacles may come your way. Visutate shows you the obstacles and how to overcome them by letting go.

6. Gratitude: The 6th stage of your program will be practicing gratitude in a most joyful and easy way during Session 11 and Session 12. Gratitude is a state of being where you are thankful for what you are and what you have. Learning to be grateful is a practice and a gift for lifelong happiness and health.

Research shows us that by being in a “grateful state,” the body starts to enter homeostasis, which is the state of self healing, growth, learning and transforming. When gratefulness is embodied, you learn to be thankful for even the small things. When you learn to find happiness in the simple things of life, you become unstoppable because you will have a whole lot of energy and time to nurture your work, your life, and your loved ones. Learning to be deeply grateful at any moment gives you groundwork (?) to visualize and transform.

7. Compassion: By the 7th week you will start to add compassion to your experience with Session 13 and Session 14. Why do you need compassion for visualization?

We sometimes have compassion for others but not for ourselves. To know about what you want, your wishes and your needs; you need to love, allow and respect yourself. If you do not have self-compassion then you prevent yourself from getting what you dreamed about. You can dream of it, wish for it, say affirmations a thousand times; it doesn't matter. Without self-compassion, understanding, and self care, it doesn’t work. So compassion creates the space for you to be free, to to wish, to dream wildly, and to be supported by your nervous system. Compassion is not only a feeling, it also requires action. It is active care, doing the right thing for yourself and others.

For your nervous system, being compassionate means being secure and feeling able. So getting into a state of compassion will allow you to be at ease within your visualizations and manifestations.

8. Create: After 7 weeks of repetition and practice, it is time for you to create the thoughts you want to visualize and emotions you need to feel to manifest with Sessions 15 and 16. So by this time you will know how to be aware and let go of the thoughts and emotions that are not helping you to manifest. So at the end of Foundation, it is time to learn and practice creating the most useful thoughts and emotions for yourself and your manifestations. It is a vast opportunity in life to have an ability of this kind.

Because then you are unstoppable!

You know your thoughts create your reality!

You know how to influence your reality!

You know how to create the life of your dreams!

So The Foundation of Visutate will open each week with a new stage where you will masteryour skills using special Visutate experiences, meditations, incantations, music and games. All of this is designed for one purpose only: teaching the mind to enhance its abilities, in order to visualize to manifest!

So let’s start!

The Practice Programs section allows you to integrate all you’ve learned into your life. You will be able to practice what you learned in 8 weeks. At the end of 8 weeks, you will have transformed your nervous system, knowing how to create the life you want. So you may start to practice visualization in the 4 domains of your life: BODY, MIND, SOUL, LIFE.

What do you want for your BODY?
You will have numerous Visutate experiences for Manifesting your health and pleasure!
How do you evolve your MIND?
You will expand and deepen your mind with creativity and self-discovery.
What do you want as a SOUL?
For finding Happiness and Love now you will have a path.
What do you want in LIFE?
Abundance of anything and Wealth of any measure will be within reach of your dreams thanks to Visutate experiences.

So you will start to totally transform different domains to manifest a new life with constantly updated new content. Be ready!

Theta Music: Experience music with 8-dimensional options, designed with special frequencies. Relax while listening to music and nature sounds. Fall asleep comfortably with Theta music. Start the new day renewed, vigorous, and energetic.

Audio Meditations: Try audio meditations to guide your life and emotions. Reduce stress and anxiety. Focus your mind and reach a high level of awareness. The meditations can help you listen to yourself by letting you listen to your own needs.

Colorful Dreams: Touch and color 3D digital creatures in 360-degree virtual environments to improve awareness of the moment. For example, you can touch the carettas in the ocean one by one before you go to sleep, or with gamified coloring, you can paint the butterflies and see how relaxed you are.

You can create the experience you desire in creation modeusing objects, effects, music and 360 videos, and by practicing the training program in an environment that you design.

Perform breathing exercises with a 3D friend specially created for you. By focusing on your breath, you can reduce your stress and increase your energy.

With Visutate, you can teleport to a green park, a blue sky, space, or the depths of the ocean.You can increase your creativity by pushing the limits of your imagination throughout your experience.

No. You can use this at home or outside, and you can continue the experience whether you are sitting or lying down comfortably.

Yes you can use it. From the profile page, click on customize the application. Then you can change your default camera to Virtual Environment.

Yes you can download it for free. Our starter program is free. If you want to upgrade your Visutate experience for even greater results, you can access many topics and content to work on unlimitedly by subscribing to Premium.

  • You can train your mind to get the life you want.
  • You can gain access to unique visual experiences and more.
  • You can discover frequently updated experiences, games, meditations, incantations and music.
  • You can design the experience you want in creation mode.
  • You can do synchronized breathing work with your breath buddy.

You can use it from any phone or tablet.

Yes. Even if it's dark, the Visutate creatures are always with you.

  • You can customize the application, such as change language, change theme, change background music and change default camera.
  • You can change your profile picture by clicking on it.
  • You can easily access your favorite experiences.
  • You can view your own creations.
  • You can set a reminder.
  • You can set an instagram username so that you can interact with other Visutate users.

“Imagination is the highest form of research. Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution. It is, strictly speaking, a real factor in scientific research.”

Albert Einstein

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Contact Us

Visutate is a Delaware C Corporation. The systems and methods used in the Visutate mobile app and glass app are patent pending, and all rights are reserved as copyrighted material.

Visutate is a Delaware C Corporation. The systems and methods used in the Visutate mobile app and glass app are patent pending, and all rights are reserved as copyrighted material.


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