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    Experiences with Augmented Reality

    Visutate is a form of active meditation through visualization using augmented reality. With Visutate, you can change your environment the way you desire and gain new experiences with augmented reality

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    Creative Mode

    In Creative Mode, you may choose the place you want to be, and combine it with special effects.

  • colorful dreams

    Colorful Dreams

    Touch and color 3D digital creatures in 360-degree virtual environments to improve awareness of the moment. For example, you can touch the carettas in the ocean one by one before you go to sleep, or with gamified coloring.

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  • Theta music

    Theta Music

    Relax while listening to music engineered via binaural waves and nature sounds. Fall asleep comfortably with Theta music. Begin the day renewed, vigorous, and energetic.

  • Auio meditation

    Audio Meditations

    Try audio meditations to discover yourself, your emotions and create the life you want. Reduce stress and anxiety. Focus your mind and reach a high level of awareness.

  • Breath

    Breath Buddy

    Perform breathing exercises with a 3D friend specially created for you. By focusing on your breath, you reduce your stress and increase your energy.

Compatible with AR Headsets

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  Visutate is taking immersive wellness to the next level by making Visutate app compatible with augmented reality headsets.
  This groundbreaking technology allows users to fully immerse themselves in our guided meditations and visualizations, making the experience more realistic and effective. With the anticipated release of Apple's augmented reality glasses, Visutate has the potential to become a mainstream solution for improving sleep, focus and stress.
 Imagine being able to escape to a serene beach or a peaceful forest while still being in the comfort of your own home, all with the help of Visutate and augmented reality technology.
  This is the future of wellness and we're excited to be at the forefront of this revolutionary new way of self-care. Visutate Glass App is already available for download. Please feel free to get in touch with us for demo requests.

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Use Cases

With the help of Visutate you will improve your manifestation skills by changing the neural pathways in the brain. The more you practice, the stronger the connections. Other use cases of the app

Visualize and Manifest

Learn and practice the fundamentals of manifestation. The brain cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Reprogram your subconscious mind with new experiences by visutating. Attract the life you desire.

relax & meditate
Relax and Meditate

Listen to calming guided narrations and music and do breathing exercises in magical and beautiful environments. Experience the health benefits of regular breathing exercises with a breath buddy.

sleep assistant
Improve Focus

The Visutate experiences are carefully created to teach you how to focus, remain focused, and expand your focus. These three steps are crucial to learn visualization, enhance attentiveness, and improve goal-setting and life activities.

Sleep Aid

Sleep more comfortably and start the new day vigorously with the help of specially developed music with frequencies that will increase the efficiency you get from sleep. Relax by playing ‘Colorful Dreams’ in Visutate.

Have fun, Socialize, and Share

Interact with digital assets, color them and stay in the moment. Experience situations that are not possible in real life! Take photos or videos of these moments and share them with your loved ones on social media.

improve your creativity
Enhance Your Creativity

Challenge your imagination throughout the experience. You may enjoy fish flying above the clouds, or flying with birds in the depths of the ocean. Change the way you view your surroundings by pushing the limits of your mind.

Experience mindfulness with your eyes open!

Creating your dream life always requires using various mental skills masterfully. Visutate opens a new window into your alternate reality.


You can observe the beauties around you 360 degrees by moving your camera around in your environment.


You can walk, approach, and even touch digital objects in your environment.


You can listen to meditations, affirmations and music in any environment you want.

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